couples and photographer in art installation

why documentary?

Every family is unique, and posed portraits don’t show that. I want people to feel comfortable with who they are, and showing the beauty of their every day gives confidence and peace. Parenting is hard, and you are doing a FANTASTIC job! Let me show how your family is truly amazing and capture precious memories in the process. There is so much love in your every day that you might be missing in the chaos!

Also, kids being kids are hilarious and I love to laugh.

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christina drinking coffee

the photographer

I’m a thirty-something wife and mum of two (dogs!). I actually have a degree in petroleum engineering, but day after day in an office was draining my life away. I found my passion in telling stories through photography.

I’m a HUGE Star Wars nerd. I feel at home in museums; art, science, history, I love all of it. Chocolate and coffee are my favourite food groups, with barbecue and wine a close second. I’m a gamer (Xbox, if you’re wondering). I listen to true crime podcasts and watch The Walking Dead. Sunflowers are my favourite. My dogs are my babies (for now!). I’m a bad cook, but my husband is a chef! We love to travel, and go hiking and camping.

christina on mountain in new zealand